Welcome to MirAlf media, the specialists for professional long term time lapse documentation.

25 years of international experience make the difference - convince yourself!

Production of high-resolution time-lapse and longterm time-lapse images in 4k, 6kto 8k.

Use of special high-tech weatherproof time lapse  cameras and sharp distortion-free lenses, with remote control, optional with web connectivity and online image archive.

Professional construction time lapse in perfection for a unique and long lasting documentation of your project.

Production of  real 4 seasons  time-lapse  and plant growth in the special botanical and technical setups and bluebox.

Time-lapse shots with pan and tilt, camera movement and dolly moves with programmable motion control systems.

Great time lapse Stock Footage Archives of unique shots like 4 seasons changing, nature, plant growth, construction, city, architecture, photovoltaic parks, weather, events and more.

4k and HDTV video production, corporate video,  industrial documentaries, hyperlapse, panoramic shots, aerial movies, aerial photography.