Production of time lapse movies as full service package from the conception to a ready edited film with music, logos and text elements.

Professional construction time lapse in perfection with more than 25 years of international experience.

High tech absolute reliable weatherproof time lapse cameras with high resolution from Ultra HD/4k(4XFULL HD) up to 8k.

Sophisticated and stylish online web interface with actual pictures of all cameras, retrospect via timeline or calendar, zoom, download and playback function.

Convenient mobile access  from everywhere to your construction site  via smartphone or tablet.

Installation of our camera systems is possible short dated everywhere,using specialized mounting constructions or our  camera tower with a height up to 30m for a great overview over your wide construction site.

Time-lapse shots with pan and tilt, camera movement and dolly moves with programmable motion control systems complete your project, and deliver additional spectacular perspectives to show details of the construction, and let us edit an even more dynamic film for you.

Hyperlapse - amazing time lapse shots with camera movement over far distances.

Panoramic shots and amazing Aerial movies of your construction site can show the size of your project and give an according overview.

4k and HDTV video production, corporate video,  industrial documentaries.